Military Grade Soil Stabilization


Enviroseal MA-60™

Enviroseal MA-60™ is a highly concentrated proprietary blend of modified acrylic resins that withstands Ultra Violet degradation and is recommended for topical application when used for long term erosion and dust control.

MA-60™ is also a high quality binder that is used for soil stabilization. Full depth stabilized surfaces show increased bearing capacity at low dosage rates on many types of soils.

MA-60™ is also effective when used in conjunction with cement to provide increases in CBR while eliminating water permeability.

Topical application of MA-60™ is simple and cost effective. When spray applied to a soil, MA-60™ permeates the surface and binds to the soil particles. This forms a strong impermeable barrier eliminating water adsorption and forms a protective sheet to prevent windblown dust. 


MA-60™ applied to soil will eliminate permeability and soil erosion 

Product details

US Military Airfield Construction

Airfield construction for USMC using Enviroseal MA-60