Military Grade Soil Stabilization


Enviroseal M10+50™


Enviroseal M10+50™ is a high quality modified copolymer supplied in 50% concentrate that is diluted with water and used for full depth stabilization or topical application to soil. Once applied, polymer particles coalesce and the water evaporates leaving a tough and durable mix. 

Topical application is simple and cost effective. When spray applied to a soil, M10+50™ adsorbs into the surface and binds soil particles. This process attaches to the soil and conforms to the gradation, slope, and contours of the soil. Repeated applications increases the thickness and the final result eliminates water permeability and prevents wind and rain erosion.

When used as a stabilizing binder, high unconfined compressive strength, increased CBR, densities, flexural strength and impact resistance are easily achieved with minimal admix rates.


· Sub-base stabilizer

· Agricultural Roads

· Military Operations

· Slope Erosion Control

· Heavy Haul Roads

· Parking Lot Stabilizer

· Path & Trail Stabilizer

· Unpaved Road Stabilizer

· ADA Trails and Cart Paths

· Hydroseed and Mulch Tackifier

· Stock Pile Sealant and Dust Cap

· Helicopter & Aircraft Runway Stabilizer


· 55-Gallon Drums

· 275/330-Gallon Totes

· Bulk Truck (5,000 Gallons)

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