Application of LAS-320 is fast and easy

LAS-320 Asphalt Sealer

LAS-320™ is a polymeric based fuel resistant asphalt sealer developed to protect asphalt from accidental and premature degradation. It makes a molecular bond with oxidized surfaces and penetrates cracks and eruptions.  LAS-320 ™ makes the surface impervious to water and is chemical resistant.

LAS-320™ is easy to Apply, simply spray or pour on the surface and spread liberally with a push broom. Approximate coverage is 80 to 100 square feet per gallon depending on surface condition. Work LAS-320™ thoroughly into the asphalt surface and brush out all puddles.

Crack Repairs: Fill cracks ½” or less with sand and pour LAS-320™ into the crack thoroughly soaking the sand. Broom out excess material.

· Classified as a Fuel Resistant Sealer by the FAA

· Low VOC Rating 94 Grams per Liter

· Environmentally safe – No PAH

· No odor and No tracking

· Repels most liquids and chemicals

· Eliminates HMA degradation and UV damage

· Non-toxic - Non-hazardous - Non-flammable

· Dries quickly- usually less than 30 minutes

· Can be applied with a broom or sprayed

· Coverage rate +/- 90 square feet per gallon


· Protects  Asphalt  from damage caused by UV or chemical spills

· Preserves The integrity of asphalt to seal the exposed surface

· Provides  Resistance to the effects of weathering and oxidization

LAS-320™ is available in concentrate for commercial and industrial applications. Contact us for details.

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