Policon LLC manufacturers environmentally friendly sealers

Concrete Sealers

Duraseal Plus on Pool Decks and Cast Concrete

 Duraseal Plus™ is a deep penetrating formula that is easy to use, is VOC compliant, breathable, nonflammable, non-yellowing, and does not alter the appearance or texture of the treated surface. It is designed for application to above grade vertical and horizontal surfaces such as Limestone, Travertine, concrete, bricks, light weight concrete, mortar, porous brick, precast, pre-stressed, poured-in-place, concrete wearing surfaces. It is suitable for use on interior and exterior walls, sound barriers, sidewalks, ramps, parking decks, and industrial floors.

Duraseal Zero™ is a water-based film forming acrylic sealer designed to provide a durable clear topcoat for porous concrete, masonry, and wood surfaces. It protects against stains and can be used indoors or outdoors and is recommended for commercial and residential projects.


Application of LAS-320 is fast and easy

 LAS-320™ protects asphalt surfaces from degradation caused by UV or chemical spills. Asphalt pavements will not last forever; external factors destroy the asphalt oil that binds it together.

LAS-320™ will preserve the integrity of asphalt to seal the exposed surface and lock in the properties of the binder which provide flexibility and binding qualities.

Using LAS-320™ will provide waterproofing and prevent water intrusion which leads to base deterioration. 


LAS-320™ is available in concentrate for commercial and industrial applications. It is mixed with one part water to one part LAS-320™ Concentrate


Armor plate your roof with RoofGuard

 RoofGuard™ is a patented waterborne Roof Coating designed to protect asphalt shingles and concrete tile roof surfaces. It has been wind tunnel tested to Category Five hurricane force winds and prevents damage. 

RoofGuard™ eliminates Granular Loss and Algae Growth with one application increases the life of an asphalt shingle roof 5 to 7 years. 


RoofGuard™ has been wind tunnel tested to withstand winds up to 130 mph and has been credited with saving numerous Florida homes by preventing damages from Hurricanes Francis, Jeanne, Wilma, Katrina, Ivan, and more. RoofGuard™ has been applied to over 20 Million square feet of roof surface area in Florida over the past 20-year period. RoofGuard™ is the original clear roof sealer that performs,  No other product offers a warranty or can compare.