Duraseal Plus

Duraseal Plus makes masonry surfaces hydrophobic

Duraseal Plus

Duraseal Plus™ is a waterborne sealer based on a mixture of high quality silane and siloxane formulas used for impregnating and priming mineral surfaces and can be used for treatment of most non-load bearing concrete, stone, and masonry surfaces.

Duraseal Plus™ is a deep penetrating formula that is easy to use, is VOC compliant, breathable, nonflammable, non-yellowing, and does not alter the appearance or texture of the treated surface. After treatment, it reduces capillary absorption but does not clog pores resulting in a breathable surface.

Duraseal Plus™ is designed for application to above grade vertical and horizontal porous surfaces such as Limestone, Travertine, concrete, bricks, light weight concrete, concrete block, mortar, porous brick, precast, pre-stressed, poured-in-place, and concrete wearing surfaces. It is suitable for use on interior and exterior walls, sound barriers, sidewalks, ramps, parking decks, bridge decks and industrial floors.

Duraseal Plus™

· Breathable

· Ready-to-use

· Non Slippery

· Non-glossy

· VOC < 6 grams/liter

· Water based formula

· Colorless and odorless

· Resists alkalinity chloride salts

· Does Not change surface texture

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